Max capacity supported on NVMe M.2 SSD


I have a Xavier-based embedded computer and want to use a Sabrent 8To SSD on NVMe M2 .
Is there a limit to the capacity supported by the Xavier module ?

Thank you in advance


Sorry for late reply. We don’t have such test case internally so I will let other forum users to share their test.


Hi x.dauptain,
Were you able to successfully use the 8TB Sabrent M.2 SSD?

Hi ,

I finally installed a 4TB Sabrent M.2 SSD. Everything seems ok for now.
I’ll let you know if I use the 8TB.

That’s good to hear! Hopefully you have good luck with the 8TB model if you choose to use it.

Just letting future people know that we successfully installed the 8TB Sabrent M.2 SSD, however it was an extremely tight fit and the SSD bends a little.

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Hi @rob_sv, did you do anything special to recognize the 8tb Sabrent? We installed one today and are not having luck seeing it in the Disks app. We previously had a 1tb Samsung evo pro installed with no problem. We also verified the sabrent works in another machine. Any help would be appreciated!

We didn’t need to do anything special. We just opened up the disks app, and saw the 8TB Sabrent. Our L4T version is 32.2.3, with JetPack 4.2.3.

Thanks. We’re on Jetpack 4.4, so maybe there is a driver issue. I’ll post back if we figure anything out.

@WayneWWW, are there any known SW/driver issues with Jetpack 4.2.3 vs. Jetpack 4.4 regarding the M.2 SSD capability?

No, there is no such issue.

You can try to fallback to jetpack4.2.3 and see if it can work. If it can, then please file a new topic for us to check issue on 4.4.

The drive is in fact recognized with older Jetpack, but not with 4.4. I will create a new issue.