Max clock speed for encoders, decoders
according to the blog post “The system can decode 500 MP/s of H.264/H.265 and encode 250 MP/s of H.264/H.265 video.”

What is the max clock speed?
what does MP/s stand for ?

Hi Ravi, MP/s stands for “megapixels per second”, the maximum aggregate throughput. It is equal to the number of streams * resolution * framerate.

See table 1 from the blog or the module datasheet:

Video Encode:  4Kp30 | (4x) 1080p30 | (2x) 1080p60
Video Decode:  4Kp60 | (2x) 4Kp30 | (8x) 1080p30 | (4x) 1080p60

You can run multiple streams simultaneously up to the maximum aggregate throughput, for example:

If you run ‘sudo tegrastats’, the active NVENC/NVDEC frequencies will show up when the encoder or decoder are being used, respectively.