Max mechanical pressure / force on the TX2 TTP?

Our mechanical designer would like to know how much mechanical force could be applied to the TTP. I think in the concept he is working on there is no room for a separate heatsink so the TTP would be cushioned with a heat pad against the product cover.

The weakest point must be in the middle, on top of X2. Possibly we could guestimate something based on the TTP material and its thickness (from 3D model) but soon we would need answers to even more difficult questions like “how much can the TTP bend in before a chip inside will be crushed?”

We think we have read the OEM design guide, thermal guide and module datasheet but is there a “max force in the center of the TTP is XX N” spec somewhere?

I can’t answer your question, but you might consider mitigating through the use of an elastic/compressible thermal pad rather than paste. Lots of pictures of available pads:…0l10.506.1560…2210…0.0…0.81.685.11…0…1…gws-wiz-img…0i131.NRg_VVW0zNE&ved=0ahUKEwiizbPbkJ_lAhXPIjQIHU9dDccQ4dUDCAU&uact=5

For general chips, the typical maximum pressure is 60 PSI.