max resolution of NVIDIA 8200 GPU on Foxconn Destroyer?

What is the max resolution of the NVIDIA 8200 GPU on the Foxconn Destroyer motherboard?
Wasn’t it supposed to be 1920x1200?

In a new build with the Foxconn Destroyer motherboard and 64-bit RHEL 5.3, with the
driver 180.22, I can get only 1280x800.

Is there a way to achieve a higher video resolution with the onboard Series 8 video card?

The exact GPU on the motherboard is nForce 780a SLI,

which is supposed to support 1920x1200.

However, when I go into

Applications -> NVIDIA X Server Settings -> X Server Display Configuration

then the max resolution that I can choose is 1280x800.

How could I get 1920x1200?

Thank you