Max Supported Horizontal Resolution

What is the maximum supported horizontal resolution that Jetson Nano can support on DP interface? Can the Nano support a horizontal line length of 7680 pixels? I would like to try and implement a 7680x720 output with PCLK 350MHz. From the link bandwidth perspective it should be no issue with HBR2 but I want to confirm if the Nano has any specific max line length requirement

This width is not verified and may not work properly. We would suggest use standard 4K resolution in width and height.

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Appreciate the response and I understand that this resolution was not verified but could you comment from the Tegra HW architecture side on any constraints? I presume there is a maximum line size that the video buffer could support which would constrain resolutions.

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We have checked and confirmed the maximum width is 3840 on Jetson Nano.

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