Max USB port power limit on DevKit board?

Is there any way to increase the amount of current supplied to Nano DevKit board’s USB ports? I’m powering Nano DevKit from 5VDC 10A power supply connected to barrel jack. However, it looks like max USB current to DevKit USB ports is limited (not sure what is the exact limit, but it looks around 2A shared among all four ports?). I have some USB devices which cannot be powered by DevKit board because of low current shutoff. Is there any way to adjust it, like Raspberry pi’s parameters or maybe some devtree parameters?


If it’s not possible to increase the current limit in software, would it be possible to physically modify the board to route the same 5VDC from barrel jack connector directly to USB ports bypassing the USB power regulator and its limits?


USB power limits are part of a standard. Fuses or limit protection is a mandatory part of the standard, and so you won’t be able modify this. This is the reason why you need to use the barrel jack for higher current.

AFAIK, every vendor chooses its own implementation and I like the raspberry pi’s approach when you can control the max limit via config settings. I do use barell jack connector to power up my DevKit board like I mentioned earlier, it’s rated 10A @ 5VDC, so it’s not power into Jetson, but rather DevKit board own implied limit.

With Nvidia is proposing to use the same DevKit board for a new Xavior NX module, I just don’t see how it will work without ability to increase USB current. It’s already starving with Nano, and I would think more USB devices will be connected to Xavior NX to take advantage of it’s processing power.


On devkit, the output current limit of all USB ports is shared 1.9A. It is decided by the design of power supply on VBUS. So a custom design is required if user wants to get more output current.