MAX9286 driver?

新年快乐,鸡年大吉,请问有没有谁和我一样在调试Orbitty Carrier for NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1扩展板,有没有调通MAX9286的芯片,扩展板链接如下:
摄像头是用LI-OV10635-SER 720p WDR Serial Camera,链接如下:

hello wubin,

sorry, we did not provide max9286 driver, please contact your vendor for the source code.
if you’re going to develop your own camera driver, you can check our ov camera driver for reference. thanks

Hi wubin,

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We were able to get the Serializer/Deserializer working, so it is possible to use the MAX96705 / MAX9286 combination. You can read more about it here: