Maximizing performance on Woodcrest and Rev F

I’m going to be doing some benchmarks with the Intel Woodcrest and the AMD Rev F processors soon. What do I need to do to insure max performance? Will there be an update to the PG compilers to support Woodcrest in the near future?


Hi Pete,

PGI is working on tuning for Woodcrest, but that work will not be complete in PGI 6.2 (due out on August 15). We expect to be tuning for Woodcrest/Core2 at least through the end of this year.

AMD coordinates with PGI to ensure the PGI compilers are fully tuned for AMD processors as they become available. We can’t make specific comments about given AMD products until they are formally announced.

If you need more detailed information, I can put you in contact with the appropriate person here at PGI.


Please email me the contact. Thanks!