Maximum camera resolution when live-capturing/encoding in H.265 with CSI-MIPI camera on Jetson AGX

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I’m thinking about buying the Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit, but was a little confused about the maximum resolution and frame rate that can be encoded live in H.265, as captured from a CSI/MIPI camera. In particular, I wanted to use this Jetson-compatible camera:

The camera has a maximum resolution of 5320 x 4600 or ~24.5 Mpix. The encode section of the Jetson AGX Xavier datasheet says it has a throughput of 1000 Mpix/second for H.265 (main/main10) in Section 1.6.1, Table 4:

So my question is: am I correct in interpreting the AGX datasheet to mean that I could encode 5320 x 4600 resolution (approximately) at 30 frames per second (FPS) in H.265, since this would be 24.5 Mpix x 30 frames = 735 Mpix/second, which is less than the maximum of 1000Mpix/s.

What’s the maximum resolution camera that anybody has live-encoded in H.265, at a given frame rate, with the AGX? Or in other words, what’s your maximum throughput, to use the language of the datasheet?

Note: this is a different question than what’s the maximum resolution that can be used with H.265, since that appears to be 8192 x 8192. But I don’t think you will be able to live-encode at that resolution, except maybe at low (<15) FPS?

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The maximum width of encoder is 4096, so after capturing 5320x4600 frames, you would need to downscale the resolution. Suggest downscale to 4K(3840x2160) since this resolution is verified in each release.

For doing downscaling, there is hardware converter called VIC.

8K is only supported in hardware decoder.

Thanks very much for your reply. 4096 width is OK, but I need a square for this application: so 4096 x 4096 encoded real-time, at least at 24 FPS. Do you think this would work? Are the “throughput” values in the datasheet of any use? 4096 x 4096 at 24 FPS = 403 Mpixels/second.

What was the FPS value in the 3840 x 2160 tests verified in each release?


Please refer to

4096x4096 does not work. Possible resolution is around 4000x3000.

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