Maximum distance of pedestrian detection in drivenet


I have a Drive PX2 with driveworks-1.2 and I want to use drivenet to detect pedestrians.
I wanted to know what is the maximum distance (in meters) the drivenet can detect the pedestrians.
I checked the ReadMe file for drivenet sample but couldn’t find it.

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Dear @info.logena,
May I know why you need this information? Do you see any issue with drivenet? Note that, DW 1.2 is very old version and all our releases now are targetted towards DRIVE AGX platform. If possible consider upgrading to DRIVE AGX to get new features and updated models.

Hello SivaRamaKrishna,

No, we are not having any issue with the drivenet.
We are working on a pedestrian detection project where there is a requirement on how far the network can detect. We want to know if drivenet satisfies this requirement.

Dear @info.logena,
Distance range varies per camera’s characteristics, its color profiles, CCD designs, intrinsic parameters, extrinsic parameters, resolution, and field of view. Hence, providing DriveNet’s distance range varies per camera. Verifying customer’s requirement satisfaction will require closer arranged collaboration. Please contact your local NVIDIA representative for furthur details.