Maximum frequency for a GPIO port adressing

Hello, I would like to program a parallel data communication using the GPIO. So, I need to handle 16 bits in parallel using the GPIO outputs.
Currently I am using the following code to set 0/1 to the GPIO. However, it adresses a single GPIO on each function.
My questions to know if it’s feasible or not are:

  • What is the maximum frequency that I can expect to get for the GPIO outputs?
    I need at least 150MHz. Possible? If not, any other option through the other available connections to reach it?
  • Is there any method to adress the port (multiple GPIOs) instead going one by one?
    Thank you.


No, if you want to use a c program to do it, then it will write it one by one. or maybe yo could enable some thread in the c program to do it.