Maximum HDMI display rate on tegra X2


I wanted to know the maximum display frame rate supported on Tegra X2. Since the platform can support 4K@120fps decode (H.264/HEVC), I wanted to know if I can actually render more than 60fps video. This obviously is with the assumption that there will be a display device which can accept that frame rate rendering on HDMI. Also, I have checked that the HDMI standard of HDMI 2.0a/b supports higher frame rates (Ex: 120fps, 240fps) for 1080p because if higher clock freq. Let me know the answer.

Pavan D

Hi PavanDivakar,

TX2 supports HDMI 2.0 sepc. I am not sure if 1080p with higher frame rate is supported or not, but 4k@60 is tested. (Some bugs in progress… expects to be fixed in next release)