Maximum number of connections for Nucleus (Workstation)

I was using Nucleus Workstation(Individual) to verify the connection.
I used Omniverse Create 2021.3.8 on three different PCs and opened the same scene using LiveSync.

PC1(Win) : Windows 10
PC2(Win) : Windows 10
PC3(Ubuntu) : Ubuntu 20.04

They are connected on the same LAN.

When I opened the same scene(USD) on PC1 (Win), PC3 (Ubuntu), and PC2 (Win) in that order and turned LiveSync on in that order, the connection on PC2 crashed.
When I opened the same scene(USD) on PC1 (Win), PC2 (Win), and PC3 (Ubuntu) in that order and turned LiveSync on in that order, the three PCs were able to synchronize.

It says “It includes use of all beta functionality and enables collaboration with one other user.” and the license doesn’t seem to allow more than 3 connections for the Individual version, but isn’t Nucleus Workstation itself restricted?

Hello @ft-lab! Thanks for reaching out to us! I reached out to the team for help. I will post back when I get more information!

Hi @ft-lab! Can you send me your logs for nucleus?

  • Nucleus Logs : %HOMEPATH%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs

The log is over 3GB, so I’ll clear it and verify once I’m done…

I have attached the Nucleus log. (3.6 MB) (PC1 : Windows PC with Nucleus Workstation) (PC3 : Ubuntu 20.04) (PC2 : Windows PC)

In this order, I accessed the Nucleus Workstation at PC1(
When I access Nucleus from Omniverse Create, I am authenticated in my web browser.
When PC2( was accessing Nucleus on PC1(, a crash occurred and Omniverse Create on PC2 was shut down.
The crash is not when loading files on Nucleus, but when traversing folders.
After a short wait after successful authentication, Omniverse Create shut down.

I followed the logs, but could not find the cause.

The crash in this case is 100% happening.

Hey @ft-lab! I just wanted to let you know that the development team is looking into this. I appreciate your patience!