Maximum Output VSR Video Size

Does VSR have a built in limit on the size of video files it will output?

For example when I run VSR on a 1920x800 video with a factor of 2 sure enough I get a result that is 3840x1600. But when I run it with a factor of 3 I get this error:

Working on Frame: 0 Failed to Initialize the Encoder. Error:  8 In function, main In file, c:\programdata\nvidia corporation\nvidia ngx sdk.1\samples\ngx samples\ngx vsr sample\dlvsr.cpp at line, 267

However when running a 640x360 clip with a factor of 3 it works fine. Is the duration the culprit?

Hi gcosarba

This is most probably due to the Encoder hardware having an upper cap on the supported resolution for h264 encode (which on Turing, I believe is 4096x4096). 1920x1080 at 3x resolution results in
5760x3240. Hence the failure.