Maximus not running

Hey fellas, I need some tips here.

I bought a server with a Tesla K20m for GPGPU. I did installed and I could never made it run as GPGPU or OpenCL processor. First, I could never enter into the nvidia panel, because the nvidia-smi tool did never work properly (the DOS program did, but the GPU did never work in TCC mode). So I decide to install a Quadro K600 to act as primary display and to can enter to control panel. I did it, it work, but the maximus configuration it’s not showing all the options to set the Tesla K20m as main graphic processor. I need it to run Erdas Imagine 2013 in OpenCL. My OS is W2012 Server.

Recently I bought a pre owned Dell T5500 and thought of installing Tesla K20 with Quadro card and like to know if; in your opinion; is it worth doing?
Thanks very much for your advice.