Maximus problem - NVIDIA Control panel

Hi guys.

I’ve set up Maximus system with Quadro k4000 and Tesla k10.
In NVIDIA Control panel ECC menu Quadro and Tesla show up. In Windows device manger also.
But in view system topology of NVIDIA Control panel, Tesla k10 is missing, also in MCU(Maximus Configuration Utility).
I don know if it’s a problem or not.

CPU; Xeon 1231 v3
MOBO; Asus z87-ws
RAM; DDR3-12800 32g(dual channel)
SSD; Samsung 840 evo 250g
HDD; Seagate 7200rpm 1T.
VGA; Quadro K4000 + Tesla k10
PSU; ZM650-ebt
OS; Windows 7 64bit.

Someone know about this problem?
There wasn’t any problem with Maximus fermi architecture.(quadro 4000 + Tesla m2090)

You can resolve this issue by Stop Overclocking Your GPU. This will Boost up your system. Check this link: to follow step by step procedure.

Tesla K10 isn’t an appropriate GPU for this purpose. It is not designed to be installed in a workstation or desktop system. It has no fan to keep itself cool.

Quadro4000 + Tesla M2090 is also not a valid configuration for the same reason.

These are not valid maximus configs.