Maxine alive?

I applied for access to the Maxine program the same day it was announced. I have not heard anything in 6 months. Is the program still going?

Checked my status and it just says “pending approval”

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @davidf,

Thanks for reaching out. I will have someone from the Maxine team look into this ASAP.

Thanks for your patience,

Hi @davidf, Did anyone reach from NVIDIA reach out to you?

I have not heard from anyone. Thanks.

Okay, let me circle back to the team and get someone to help with this.


Hello! Maxine Early Access is released and we will have a public release coming out soon. I will ping you once we have posted all the new releases. It will be a better timing for the public release.


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Thank you Alex. Does that mean I have access now? Is there someone I can talk to on some basic questions?

Hi David,

Maxine’s most SDKs are available for public now. Please visit, Maxine: AI Platform | NVIDIA to download.

Which organization do you work for? If for enterprise customers, we can go through the enterprise business route.
If you are individual developers, our forum is the best place to start with.



This is for Secured Communications Mercury product. Yes, enterprize customers. We are the leader in government and public safety communications worldwide and work with top corporations.

I appreciate any help in getting started.


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