MAXScript MacroScript Error Exception

I am getting an exception when trying to export new (blank) project from 3ds Max.

3dx max version: 2023.3.4
connector version: 202.0.0
Windows version: 19045.4291

This is the popup

3ds max error

This is the code it's referencing:
fn nvOmniCreateNewViewProject =
	--print("Create New View Project");
	--nvOmniExportDialogMode = 11;
	python.Execute("from omni.connect.ui import IoUi;IoUi.selectExportUri(title='Max Connector - Export View Project', uriExtensionOptions=[('*.project.usd','USD View Project Files'), ('*.project.usda','USDA View Project Files')])")
	if nvPythonUrl != "" do
		nvOmniverseAppendRecent(nvPythonUrl) // <---- this line is throwing the exception
		nvomniverse.SetOptionVar "omniverse_session_name" ""
		nvOmniverse.CreateProject nvPythonUrl
		nvOmniConnectToProject = true
		python.Execute "nvOmniverseShowToolbar()"

@und_miller could you elaborate on the steps leading up to the error? i feel mentioning the exact steps and button(s) pressed could help to repro/identify the issue. i am on a different Max version but could see if it’s happening on my end.


  1. Install Autodesk 3ds Max connecter
  2. Open Autodesk 3ds.
  3. From the toolbar: Omniverse > Project > Create New View Project.
  4. Export project to a location on your nucleus server.
  5. MacroScript Error Thrown.

thanks for the breakdown, i can take a look and see if i can repro. i’ll let you know. in the meantime, do you experience the same error if you were to export to a local drive instead of the nucleus server? secondly, do you also encounter it if you have an object in the scene rather than an empty one?

This was exported to nucleus localhost instance. If that’s what you’re asking?

This is not the create workflow. Just make a new scene in 3dsmax. Save it. Export it using the connector toolbar. Open file in USD Composer. If you want live workflow, save the usd to a place in your localhost nucleus and then hit LIVE on both ends.

There is no need to create a project file. Certainly not an empty one.

I was following this video: Overview of the Autodesk 3ds Max Connector in NVIDIA Omniverse (

The only difference was starting with an empty project.

Yes. Please do not start with an empty project.

i am also getting same issue

how we can exprot with connector toolbar