MAXWELL GM 240 - bandwidth spec for L1/Texture cache, L2 Cache & Shared Cache

I was going through the specification document for GM 240. For some reason I m not able to find the bandwidth specification (gb/s).

I do see memory bandwidth but thats for the memory out side of chip.

Any document available on this?

I’m not aware of a maxwell GM 240. There is a maxwell GM 204 chip. Also not sure what you mean by “the specification document”. I suppose that might refer to several things.

In any event, NVIDIA does not publish (AFAIK) bandwidth specs for any of the caches: L1/Tex, L2, (for any GPU products, to my knowledge).

These numbers generally have to be arrived at via some form of reverse engineering, micro-benchmarking, or the like, or else arrived at anecdotally by culling presentations and other related collateral for side-references.

Shared memory (which is not a cache) bandwidth can be inferred from available documentation/specifications, e.g. for Fermi and Kepler:

Similar analysis should be usable on Maxwell. (Note that Maxwell dropped the 64-bit-bank mode that Kepler had).