Maxwell & OptiX

in release notes for OptiX, page 3, there is the following statement:

A CUDA compiler bug that causes timeouts or crashes on Maxwell cards has been worked around. 
Unfortunately, this bug fix causes a slowdown of up to 20% on Maxwell cards unless driver R355 or newer is used.

is there a typo or something? Because it was released in May, and the newest driver version by the end of July is 352. Has it been fixed or do I need to wait till R355 to come out? I’m planning to use Maxwell cards for OptiX.

Thank You

There is no problem to use OptiX 3.8.0 with Maxwell boards today. It should work just fine and you might not even hit that cited workaround case or won’t notice it since Maxwell GPUs are quite fast with OptiX anyway, and once the R355 driver is released that issue solves itself automatically.
First driver releases from new branches can take quite some time.