Maya 2020 constantly crashing, mouse-keyboard camera shortcuts not working

My colleagues at University of Melbourne have set up a virtual desk top in Windows 10, 64 bit environment, which is run RHEL-KVM with an attached GRID V100S-8Q. There is 8GB of vRAM. The driver version is 452.39 with 5120 CUDA cores and 38911 total available graphics. I have tried to install Autodesk Maya 2020.4 on this instance and have found that the mouse-keyboard camera shortcuts (ie alt + LMB, alt +MMB or alt + RMB) are not working, although the camera track, tumble and dolly commands do work from the hotbox menu. I tried reinstalling and updating the software and this did actually restore the keyboard-mouse shortcuts for a short time, but they reverted to the non-functional state again the same day. I’ve also found that Maya is really unstable and crashes constantly. I’m wondering whether the specs we have for the instance are sufficient to operate Maya 2020.4 please? If so, do you have any other ideas as to what might be going on please?
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Reset Maya to Default
Use this guide: Reset Maya to Default
Preferences can be corrupted after extended use or after a crash, and continue to cause problems unless reset, which clears out the corrupted nodes.
Verify Hardware and Drivers, cookie clicker
Confirm that the Graphics Card is on the List of Certified Hardware for Maya, and that it meets the System Requirements (these will vary depending on the version of Maya being used).
Check that the Graphics Card Drivers are up-to-date (Windows and Linux).
Make sure that Maya is using the correct Nvidia graphic card: How to assign an NVIDIA GPU to Maya on Windows.

Hi Henry,
Thanks for your reply. I’ll have a look at all the points you mention, but I think I have already investigated most of these. Also, I think there are some live links that are missing?
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