Maya 2022.3 Crashing on AutoLoad OmniverseMayaLoader every launch

If I don’t try to AutoLoad I can go into the plugins menu and load the Omniverse plugin however Maya crashes 100% if I try autoloading the plugin. I’ve disabled the maya USD plugin as requested and I don’t think there’s any other plugins conflicting.

I’ll forward this along to the dev team.
Could you provide which version of the connector you’re using? Possibly a log from Maya if you can get one?


Latest everything: 102.3.0 for connector. Maya 2022 has just been updated recently as well (along with the latest Arnold version). I have disabled the Maya USD plugins as required by the Omniverse connector.

The only workaround is to uninstall the connector and then reinstall but don’t autolaunch.

I’ll see if I can grab a Maya log later today.

Crash log attached:

MayaCrashLog211217.1124.log (14.5 KB)

Unfortunately we couldnt get this to reproduce. Would you mind trying a reinstall of of the latest connector, possibly Maya as well?
Wondering if something in the install process went sideways

I had the same issue, using maya 2022.3 and maya|omniverse connector 102.4.0 and upgrading nividia drivers from 472.12 to 472.84 fixed the issue