Maya Connect Sign in issue

Hi, After installing the Create app and the Maya connector I have not been able to Connect to the local host within Maya. The sign in process either just hangs or returns this error message…
// Error: file: C:\Users------\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\maya-connector-101.1.22\20200\scripts\mdlHyperShade.mel line 4789: No MenuBar found for the menu. //
I’m working on a workstation within an automotive OEM ( Win10 - Maya 2020.4) so i’m not sure if it might be a firewall issue ??
I did a comparison with a colleague who installed it on his home machine and he appeared to have access to lots more content/ examples and far more elements where loaded in the apps tab. Again not sure if that might be some Firewall restriction?

any thoughts?

Hello stuart.boote1,

Thank you for posting, I will bring your issue to the proper channels for review.
Thank you for your patience.

Hello stuart.boote1. Do have the same issue running Create getting to localhost?

Hi, stuart.boote1

did you install “Nucleus” ?

HI, no I haven’t! Should it have been installed when you install Create app? I’ve just found the add service under the collaboration tab so i could set that up? looks like it wants to create Nucleus. Thanks

Hi, stuart.boote1

need install “Nucleus” for localhost, it will not install with Create