Maya connector 101.1.22 no longer syncs local MDL collections/templates

My local user templates are not showing up anymore in my MDL materials library after I updated to 101.1.22. When I roll back to the earlier plugin version, They show up again. Any Idea what’s going on? Is this the expected behavior now?

Hi richard.forman,

I’ll pass this along and get you an answer.

Hi richard.forman,

As for “local user templates”, do you mean mdl files under “%PLUGIN_PATH%\Library\MDL\Base” ?

Which maya version do you use ?

Hi lixu,
Thank you for the reply. I did not mean the files under “%PLUGIN_PATH%\Library\MDL\Base”. While I was using the ealier version, I setup some other paths on my local hard drive that had other collections of mdl materials by following this video in your documentation.

I am running Maya 2020.4

I submit a fix for you issue, you can try the next build