Maya Connector install on Fedora

I’m just curious, why Maya Connector only support CentOS?
The script prevents to run install from Launcher on other linux distros.
Though, I’ve tried to install Maya Connector “by hand” on Fedora 34 and it works.
At least, starting from maya-connector-103.1.14. (103.2.1 works too)

Hi!, could you please point how did you install “by hand”?

There is a short period of time during install, when downloaded “Autofesk” exists in newly created folder “~/.local/share/ov/pkg/maya-connector-<new version>”. It can be on time to move it to other place before Launcher deletes this folder after “unsuccessful” install.
After that, you can expand this archive to “maya-connector-<new version>” and run “” in terminal.

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thanks for the quick answer!

Hi Yuri:
What you get if you run this script on your OS?

cat /proc/version