Maya crashing at startup when installing Omniverse Maya connector

Hello there,

Omniverse seems really powerfull and I’d like to install Maya connector.
But once installed Maya crashes at startup.


If anyone has an idea I would be delighted.

Legacy MayaUSd is unloaded at startup (I see that there are other discussions about similar problem)

Ihave the latest nVidia Studio drivers installed.

Thanks a lot in advance :)

Hello @floriandelarque! Welcome to the Community and thank you for your interest in Omniverse! I have not seen this error before so I will need to reach out to the development team. Could you let me know what your environment, OS / GPU, is? If you could also attach a full log file, this can help identify where the issue might be occurring. Log file can be found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\maya

hello @floriandelarque ,
Can you fully uninstall the legacy Maya USD just in case? Also, can you uninstall the Omniverse Connector ( all versions] , and reinstall Omniverse Plug In?

Hello, can you find any .dmp file under C:\Users<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\maya? If yes, can you upload it here?
BTW, can you tell the Maya Connector version?

Hello there and thank you a lot for your several replies ! :)

@WendyGram , here are my environment :
Windows 11 64 Bits / nVidia GeForce RTX 2060

@juma ,
my Maya connector version is 102.4.0

I tried to reach C:\Users<UERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\maya but in my …/Documents folder, the subfolder Omniverse doesn’t seem to exists … : s

I searched somewhere else, and I found this folder :

Are these the log files you need ?

@azoellner , I tried to do as you said but it didn’t work :/

Thanks you a lot to you three for your help :)

If that Omniverse folder doesn’t exist where we expect it, can you confirm there was no errors during installation from the launcher?
The logs in that image are not for Maya unfortunately.
Windows 11 could be the issue, but just a hunch. We do not officially support it yet.
Also, We’ll have a new version coming out very soon, keep an eye out for it to try.