Maya repeated runs nvOmniBeforeHandleLocalChanges();

Maya keeps runnign the nvOmniBeforeHandle LocalChanges();

Tried clearing all inputs, and it continues to send out this command.

My version is 2022.3

What version of the Maya connector are you using? Can you please copy paste the information from the Connector About dialog?


I believe this is what you are requesting.

Omniverse Plugin Version: 200.0.1
Omniverse Plugin Build:
Omniverse Client Library Version: 2.12.0-main.3072+tc.f1b9fc8b
MDL SDK Version: 340500.2167
USD Version: 20.08.1818.f41ff452
Build Date: 8-23-2022

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Thank you for reporting the issue! It is fixed in next release.