MCB193A Freebsd problem

I am trying to setup nfs over ib on Freebsd 12.1 using MCB193A adapter.

I have received the following error messages on driver initialization:

mlx5_core0: <mlx5_core> mem 0x38fffe000000-0x38ffffffffff at

device 0.0 numa-domain 0 on pci14

mlx5_core0: ERR: mlx5_cmd_check:702:(pid 1798): QUERY_HCA_CAP(0x100)

op_mod(0x13) failed, status bad parameter(0x3), syndrome (0x5add96)

mlx5_core0: WARN: mlx5_core_get_caps_mode:364:(pid 1798): QUERY_HCA_CAP

: type(9) opmode(1) Failed(-22)

mlx5_core0: ERR: mlx5_init_once:922:(pid 1798): query hca failed

mlx5_core0: ERR: mlx5_load_one:1094:(pid 1798): sw objs init failed

mlx5_core0: WARN: mlx5_vsc_set_space:124:(pid 1798): Space 0x7 is not


mlx5_core0: WARN: mlx5_fwdump_prep:84:(pid 1798): VSC scan space is not


Is this card supported by freebsd mlx5 driver?


Hello Mike,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the NVIDIA Networking Community.

Based on the information provided, support for the Connect-IB FreeBSD driver ended a long time ago.

Support can be obtained through the FreeBSD Community.

Thank you and regards,

~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support