MCLK set on TX1

Hi @ShaneCCC,

  1. With TX2, We Can set clock-names to extperiph1 or extperiph2 if we use CAM0_MCLK or CAM1_MCLK.
    How to set clock-names if I use CAM1_MCLK on TX1?

  2. With

    How can I manually control the camera input clocks on TX1? There is no such directory(/sys/kernel/debug/bpmp/debug/clk/) on TX1.


The clock debug node for TX1 only support read.



Specifies the name of the input clock for the device.
• On TX1: default MCLK is clk_out_3
• On TX2: default MCLK is extperiph1

How should I set the mclk in dts files if I use the CAM1_CLK on TX1?

For the TX1 the CAM1_CLK and CAM0_CLK both from clk_out_3.
Please have a check in the pinmux table.

CAM0_MCLK	F9	CAM1_MCLK	unused_CAM1_MCLK	 	extperiph3_clk
CAM1_MCLK	F8	CAM2_MCLK	unused_CAM2_MCLK	 	extperiph3_clk