MCU EFM8SB10F8G just provide 90ms high pluse after power button on

I see the OEM design guide after button on , the MCU EFM8SB10F8G must always provide 3.3V high, but I measure is only
90ms high pluse, So it is my MCU code has some question???

Our file is P2822_B03_EFM8SB10F2G_v010

Hi, are you talking about devkit or custom board? If devkit, the firmware of MCU is fixed on the timing.

In our board ,but the MCU file is get form NVIDA, we can’t measure it at devkit , so we need NVIDA to help

please help to cofime the “VIN_PWR_ON” signal form MCU EFM8SB10F8G after press power button is only 90ms is normal ???
IF the “VIN_PWR_ON” is need provide always high , please help to confirm MCU software file is " P2822_B03_EFM8SB10F2G_v010 ",thanks

If I don’t On module but short Carrier_PWR_ON I press power key the MCU EFM8SB10F8G always provide 3.3V high VIN_PWR_ON , I think this is timing issue , but when I on module press power key the VIN_PWR_ON is pull high about 90 ms ,please help me how to check the input MCU timg , thanks

Did you use the firmware in DLC:

Did you replicate the MCU design of P2822?

If your design follow the guide and schematic of P2822 well, it should be no problem on this. So please check your design following the checklist in OEM DG and compare to that of P2822 first.