-Mcuda and -Mprof=func compatibility


I want to use the PGPROF profiler latest version (15.5) with my program written in Fortran. To collect performance data I have chosen the instrumentation-based profiling -Mprof=func.

But when I run my program I get the following error: “Error: internal error: invalid thread id”

I realized that this error appears because I enable simultaneously the OpenACC directives (-acc) and the compilation of CUDA Fortran (-Mcuda). And I need them both…

Maybe is -Mcuda incompatible with -Mprof=func or -Mprof=lines? Could you please give me any advice?

Thank you very much,

We do not have a good profiling solution today for code running both on the CPU and GPU. Stay tuned, there will be announcements forthcoming.