Mcuda=wait still around?

I was wondering if anyone knows if -Mcuda=wait still exists in pgfortran? I think I remember seeing it in manpages in the past, but I just looked and it’s not there.

Due to some changes in our code, it’s looking likely that I can’t hide some cudaDeviceSynchronize calls in a subprogram (our timing code) so I’ll have to go back to placing one of these after every kernel call.

But, I remembered -Mcuda=wait existed once and thought I could use that to spare peppering the code with sync calls. But since it’s not in the manpage, I wasn’t sure if it worked any more. -Mcuda doesn’t seem to not work with it, but perhaps it’s a no-op code?


Hi Matt,

I think you’re confusing this with the OpenACC “-acc=wait” flag which is on by default. CUDA Fortran has the same behavior as CUDA C where kernels are launched asynchronously to the host and will only block when waiting for data or at a run time call such as cudaDeviceSynchronize.

  • Mat