MCX311A-XCAT with "wrong" GUIDs


I bought four used MCX311A-XCAT.

Two of them are “made in israel”, the others are “made in china”.

If I query the chinese nic both reports

Description: Node Port1 Port2 Sys image

GUIDs: ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff

instead with the israelis those fields are correctly populated.

All nics are reporting

PSID: MT_1170110023

so I updated the firmware at latest release 2.42.5000 from mellanox site.

All nics seems work properly with iperf3 test/benchmark and with windows SMB and linux samba and esxi 6.0U3 and esxi 6.5U2.

How to set proper/suitable GUIDs ??

Thank you in advance 😊

Best Regards from Rome


Hello Andrea,

The GUIDs can be changed using MFT (Mellanox firmware tool), that can be downloaded from here according to your OS:

Follow this guide:

GUID is a unique identifier for each device so you should use the GUID that is written on the label that is attached to the adapter.

Best Regards.

Hi Viki,

I have rechecked all nics and seems those with “correct” GUIDs have the same GUIDs (!!).

On all MCX311A nics I have, there is a sticker with the mac address, but no GUIDs.

Instead on CX354A pcb I found both the mac address and guids on sticker, but again no guids on MCX311A sticker.

Best Regards From Rome🙂