MCX380A Full specs/documentation? Does it have VPI/ethernet mode?

These are mezzanine cards for M-series Dell blade servers. There are 3 different cards available with 5 different part numbers:

0J05YT - QDR

0P90JM / 0CDMG5 - FDR10

0K6V3V / 08PTD1 - FDR

Regardless of which model, they all have “CX380A” printed on the cards. Is this some stripped down silicon? Does anyone know the difference between MCX380A and a regular CX3 card such as MCX354A?

The only documentation of them that exists is this PDF:

In the document there are screenshots of terminal sessions implying a 56 GbE and VPI capability for the FDR cards, but it not mentioned explicitly anywhere.

The documentation for the SwitchX M4001 series that go with these cards is equally vague:

In fact, these are really product sales/data sheets. Can anyone point me to a real operators manual for these products?

Most ConnectX-3 products offer ethernet, but why isn’t it explicitly mentioned anywhere on these PDFs? It says:

"Applications utilizing TCP/UDP/IP transport can achieve industry leading

throughput over InfiniBand or 10/40/56GbE. The hardware-based stateless offload engines in ConnectX-3 reduce the CPU overhead of IP packet

transport. Sockets acceleration software further increases performance for

latency sensitive applications"

Which reads like a copy/paste from a general CX3 literature and not specific to these cards.

Can anyone confirm if there is a 40 GbE or 56 GbE capability?

We will be using these for Ceph, and in these modern times expansion options for the M1000e are lacking, and the ConnectX-3 is the fastest option we have, but I would rather not have to use IPoIB for Ceph.

I need to know if we can run ethernet on these parts.

Thank you.

Hello Alex,

Thank you for posting your question on the NVIDIA/Mellanox Community.

Based on the information provided, all the adapters you mentioned, have IB capability only, no Ethernet.

In the document you found → , it clearly states in the Specifications (Section 7) that these adapters only have IB capability.

If you are looking for an adapter which contains VPI (IB and Ethernet capability), we recommend to contact Dell Sales or Support for the correct p/n.

Thank you,

~NVIDIA/Mellanox Technical Support.