md5sum error when downloading TADP 2.0-r7 components

Hello all,

I am trying to install TADP 2.0-r7 on my MacBook Pro, but I get the following error message when the installer tries to download components:

The md5sum of / is incorrect!

I have tried re-downloading the installer image several times (in several different locations), but to no avail. I have successfully downloaded and installed TADP 2.0-r6, so I should be able to get by for a while, but I would like to upgrade. Has anyone else encountered this problem?



Hi Brandon,

First sorry for the inconvinience that has taken to you. I think this error is caused by the network is not well so you did not download the successfully. When you see this error again please click ok ,then click the “back” button and click “next” to try to download again. No need to restart the installer.
Hope that can help you. Any more queston please let me know.