I want to create arnold.Ass/USD in max2020. Through “Render Setup: Arnold → Archive”, but I did not succeed, the log prompts as follows:

> ”[Arnold]: 00:00:00 1806MB WARNING | [color_manager_ocio] unable to find default OCIO config, expected in c:\programdata\autodesk\applicationplugins\maxtoa_2022…\ocio\configs\arnold\config.ocio
> [Arnold]: 00:00:00 1806MB WARNING | mdl_arnold- was compiled against non-compatible Arnold"

It seems that “mdl_arnold-” is the library file of OMnivers, so I uninstalled the forMAX plug-in, but still can’t solve the problem

Uninstalled all the for third-party plug-ins to solve the above problems, tested the plug-ins of OMnivers for MAX and MAYA, the same scene file, the arnold scene exported by the MAX plug-in will have more bugs, looking forward to the next version update

This is strange that we do not build our Max Plug-in with Arnold DLLs.