MDL Material Graph | Cellular Noise Texture -- Bump Mapping RAM usage (Bug)

I have recorded a quick video to showcase..

When adding a “Cellular noise texture – bump mapping”, memory usage skyrockets, eventually crashing the machine. Even deleting the node, material, or refreshing the scene does not stop the system memory from increasing. Other noise-based bump maps do not cause this issue, the “Cellular Noise Texture” also does not produce this issue.

I’ve tried plugging the same node into the “Thin Glass” and “Thick Glass” materials as well and the same issue occurs. The material never loads into the viewport, the RAM usage simply increases over time until the system crashes. This RAM usage is also reflected in Windows Task Manager.

@Liam.CH which Composer version are you using? is it reproducible in other versions? oh, and whats your machine spec, if you don’t mind me asking?

@Simplychenable oops, I meant to drop that info. This is using 2022.3.3 and is also prevalent in 2023.3.1

Machine specs are:
RTX 4090
64GB of DDR5 RAM

Hmm I see the video. How very odd. I will investigate now and try to reproduce and get back to you.