MDV3604URH fett (part Q30) died after connecting power

Hi everyone,

This morning we hooked up a 12v battery to the jetson tx1 dev kit, and part Q30 kind of exploded…
We immediatly checked polarity on the plug, but that was fine. Furthermore we wouldn’t know what caused the frying of that part… The battery is 12v, 33AH.
We are now stuck with an unusable Jetson tx 1, which probably is passed its warranty term of 1 year. We are wondering whether it is possible to fix the board ourself (but we don’t have extensive soldering skills/equipment) or get the dev board fixed (preferably somewhere in the Netherlands).
If repairing would take more than a month, we are wondering whether we can buy a development board without a jetson tx1 module, since the module is most likely still working and we need a working jetson asap!

Thanks in advance!

Q30 is for surge protection, you can use the board temporarily by removing Q30 and soldering a Cu wire between pin 1/2/3 and pin 5, and changing value of C174 to 22uF or more.

Thanks for your fast reply!

I’m afraid we don’t have the required soldering tools to solder on such a miniature scale.
We are also looking for a more permanent solution (so either let the part be replaced or buy a new development board without the jetson module). Do you have any idea if buying a separate development board is possible?

We don’t sell carrier board alone, maybe you can reach some Jetson partners?