Mean file "mean.ppm" of deepstream

In “deepstream_test2” demo, there secondary engine of classification have a mean file named “mean.ppm”. My mean value of classification model generally three numbers,such as 112 117 130. I want to konw how “mean.ppm” generated? Thanks

If you train with DIGITs , it should be generated automatically. if tensorflow or pytorch, mean value usually set as 128.

@amycao The secondary classifier model needs input mean file “mean.ppm”. I cann’t set value as 128 directly. Is there any suggestions?

About mean value 128, what i am saying, when input data doing mean value subtraction, for DIGITs trained model, it will pixel by pixel subtract mean value data, which is from meam.ppm, but for pytorch, or tensorflow, it usually ditectly substract 128.
and from the picture, you are using original resnet18 classifier model? we have mean.ppm in the package.

@amycao Yes, I have trained my datasets using your resnet18 prototxt. And my train mean file is mean.binaryproto. I don’t know how to generate my mean.ppm to apply deepstraem.

You can refer to this topic how to generate mean.ppm file.

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@amycao Thank you very much.