meaning of cta launched

Hi at all!

What is the meaning of the profiler column “cta launched”? I know it stands for the number of thread blocks executed, but the values I got are strange… I got the value 3, but I have 24 blocks? How is that possible and how can I calculate the value?

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I believe that only one multiprocessor is ‘profiler enabled,’ so the stats you see are for just one multiprocessor. However, they should be representative.

Thank you for this answer. But there is another column “sm cta launched” and I think this is the number of thread blocks executed on ONE multiprocessor.

I have the following values:

grid = 24;

sm cta launched = 1;

cta launched = 3;

I use a GTX 260 with 27 multiprocessors.

The must be an other meaning for cta launched…