Meaning of purpose field in Omniverse

I know I can use the purpose attribute to assign a purpose like “render” or “guide” to a prim. The attribute is described in the USD specs. Apart from that and the fact that I can filter visibility in the viewport depending on this attribute, is there any special meaning that changes Omniverse’s behaviour?

Hello @bruno.vetter! Great question! I pinged the development team for some help answering your question. I will post back here when I have more information!

Hello @bruno.vetter! The development team got back to me. Here is what they said:

Currently, the uses of purpose in Omniverse is fairly conventional. In USD, purpose is intended as an additional visibility axis, or as the poster framed it, a visibility filter, and that’s how it’s being used within Omniverse. For example, physics-enabled scenes use the “guide” purpose to exclude collision meshes from appearing in rendered frames, which is a pretty common application for the “guide” purpose.

Let us know if this helped answer your question or if you have further questions!

Definitely helps, thanks a lot.

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