Meaning of various IDs in the exported JSON for Nsight Systems

There are some parts of the exported JSON from Nsight Systems that I can’t quite figure out.
Here is from a CudaEvent:
startNs: ‘3913448975’
endNs: ‘4015230442’
correlationId: 209
deviceId: 0
contextId: ‘1’
streamId: ‘7’
eventClass: 1
globalPid: ‘281919807815680’
memcpy: [1×1 struct]

I assume deviceId is the GPU. It’s easy enough to reverse engineer the memcpy and others like kernel and whatnot({“sizebytes”:“800000000”,“copyKind”:“1”,“srcKind”:0,“dstKind”:2}}})

However, I am curious what the correlationId, streamId, and eventClass values pertain to though, however. Most notably, I’d like to know what the eventClass values map to, as they appear in the TraceProcessEvents too.