Meaningless mistakes

I flash my Jetson nano device, which I bought from waveshare, with SDK manager. Since its own memory is 16GB, I am burning emmc to USB. I use it for a certain period of time and then when I restart it, there is a black screen and the jetson nano becomes unable to turn on. Is there any solution to this?

You would need to provide a serial console boot log, and describe if the monitor has any cable adapters (versus being purely HDMI). Otherwise it is nearly impossible to suggest anything other than flashing it again. For serial console information see:

Incidentally, since this is from Waveshare, you would have to find out from them which of the following apply:

  • Flash is entirely from their custom board support software.
  • Flash uses the NVIDIA software, but a patch is applied to add to the NVIDIA flash software prior to using.
  • Flash can use the same software that the NVIDIA developer’s kit uses.

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