Measuring "CHIRP Timing Response" for USB 2.0 Compliance Testing on NX

We are currently working on USB 2.0 compliance testing using the NVIDIA NX platform. As part of our testing process, we need to measure the “CHIRP Timing Response,” which is a critical parameter for USB 2.0 compliance. Despite referring to the “Jetson_Xavier_NX_Tuning_and_Compliance_Guide_Application_Note_DA-09890-001_v1.4.pdf,” we have not been able to find the specific information we need.

We’re looking for more specific details related to the “CHIRP Timing Response” measurement. Any additional pointers, resources, or experiences that you can share would go a long way in helping us achieve accurate and reliable results in our compliance testing.

Hi, what we can provide are all in the tuning guide. Regarding chirp timing measurement, seems it only needs to follow USB spec to measure and there is no specific info needed from NV side.

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