Measuring Energy / Power on TX1

Hello everyone,

I read a lot of topics here and my conclusion is that TX1 actually doesn’t provide a simple way to measuring power or energy (I’m really not able to use a wattmeter in power gate).

Do you guys have any idea to do this? Software stuff maybe?

Any comments are appreciated!

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You can trivially make your own with about $20 worth of parts. I use an INA219 with an ESP8266 board, and I get the measurement stream over the network.

I took a snapshot of the current state of my take on this: for a very shaky video; there is a github link in the youtube description.

I see that you have used an adafruit board for INA219. Isn’t it current limited to 3.2A.

If so have you changed the shunt resistor to an even lower value?

I observed in the video that Jetson TX1 AC/DC adapter gives 19 V ~ 5.4A output. So I am concerned if we can use the adafruit board without any modifications.