Meet NVIDIA AI Developer Experts March 20-23, 2023

Join virtually at GTC 2023 March 20-23 to discover the latest AI technologies including Generative AI, Speech AI, Ray Tracing, Real-Time Graphics, and Neural Graphics and see how they are accelerating digital human and professional visualization development.Don’t forget to add the GTC Keynote [S52226] on March 21st at 8:00 AM PT, to your calendar to get insight into the latest technology breakthroughs NVIDIA is making across industries.We have sessions for developers of all disciplines. Here’s a curated list of all the MUST-SEE sessions:Recommended Professional Visualization Developer Sessions

  • S51947 - Leveraging Large Language Models for Generating Content
  • S51619 - Bridging the Gap Between “Codec” and “Avatar”
  • S51879 - Deep Learning, LLM’s & Generative Models for Computer Games and Creative Industries

Recommended Avatar Sessions

  • S51676 - AI Fundamentals for Building Intelligent, Interactive Digital Humans
  • S51907 - Breathing Life into the Metaverse: What It Takes to Create and Deploy Avatars at Scale
  • S52455 - An Intro into NVIDIA DeepStream and AI-streaming Software Tools

Recommended Video Streaming and Conferencing Sessions

  • S51908 - Maxine Microservices Fuel Creative Pipelines for Video Conferencing
  • SE52349 - Unlocking the Power of Speech AI for Exceptional Communication and Collaboration
  • S51410 - Getting Started with Compressed Micro-Meshes

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