mega bug

I’ve instaled tegra profiler on PC with Win7 x64 basic edition.

When i connected motorola xoom to debug android program all usb devices becomed unplugged.
All devices are seeing PC as a charging device, not a PC. From other side PC cant see devices. I cant use my wireless mouse now, also no android devices to develop…

I’ve uninstalled TADR, done some pc reboots but it did’nt help me.

In Windows Restore i can only see uninstall TADR restore point…

What can i do?


Only full shutdown helped in that problem. But i’m scary to install TADR again )

Hi, user cheater_dev

TADP only does one thing related to HW. It helps installing Google USB driver and NVIDIA recovery driver. It does this by user “pnputil” provide in OS, to install the driver inf files. These driver inf files are only effective when you have matching HW id in your system. There is no way for TADP to harm your hardware.

But PC is a complex environments . It’s hard to tell what happened in your system with the info your provided.

As full shutdown helps, that could be highly possible for your motherboard’s USB port.