-Meh_frame missing on PowerPC

I regularly use the -Meh_frame flag to include CFI information on binaries compiled with the PGI toolchain. This option works fine on x86 hosts, but appears to be absent from the PowerPC toolchain. It is documented in the user guide along with the caveat that “The eh_frame option is available only on newer Linux systems that supply the system unwind libraries”, but given I’m testing on RedHat 7.5 and newer, I expect this flag should be available.

Am I correct in this assumption? Is there anything I can do to enable -Meh_frame support?

I’m seing the -Meh_frame option present for pgcc, but I don’t believe we support it for pgfortran. As far as I’m aware, RHEL should have the unwind libraries present by default.

Present, but not documented on Power. Also, it’s strange that the eh_frame data is always there whether or not you specify -Meh_frame, but -Meh_frame is required to put in the eh_frame_hdr, which is a binary search table to make lookup into the eh_frame faster. Given the lookup table is much smaller than the actual data, I can’t see any reason to omit it.

-bash-4.2$ pgcc -help| grep frame | wc -l
Reading rcfile /opt/pgi/linuxpower/18.7/bin/.pgccrc