Mellanox 2410 100G FEC OFF link failes to come up with my adaptor with QSFP+ cu 2 cable .

Hi i have mellanox 2410 switch with Product name: MLNX-OS

Product release: 3.6.4112 . When in switch port configured with FEC OFF link fails to come up .

No signal are been detected on HSS Lanes on our adaptor.

Can you please say 100G support FEC OFF ???


In order to provide you with the correct answer , could you please let me know which adapter are you using ? Connectx-4 OR Connectx-5 ?

In addition, which transceiver are you using ?




I am using chelsio adaptor. transreceiver is QSFP 2m Copper cable unequalized

Try setting FEC mode to RS, that helped me in getting a link on Chelsio Cards

No i need to link up using FEC off . is it poosible ??? . how can i debug it ?? error is from which end ??? switch side or adaptor side