Mellanox Connectx-2 shows cable unplugged when connected to switch

I am new to 10gbe, and was able to direct connect 2 test severs using Connectx-2 cards and SPF+ cable successfully, but when connected to the SPF+ port on my 3Com switch, it shows the cable unplugged. This is my test set up.

Server 2012 R2, all updates installed. HP DL380 G7s.

Switches: 3Com 2948- SFP-Plus x4 SFP Connections. Cisco Passive Copper 10gbe Cable, testing working

Mellanox HW Card settings: Eth, all other settings at defaults

Information: Driver 4.80.10388.0 Firmware 2.9.1200 Part# MNPA19-XTR

I understand when using Infiniband it requires a Subnet Manager, but does this also apply in Ethernet mode?

Is a special cable required? or special driver settings?

Thanks, and look forward to playing with these.


Hi Van,

Regarding your question please note that Subnet Manager is applied only when working in Infiniband protocol.

there are no special driver setting when connecting to a third-party switch and it should be working as expected.

Since connecting two test severs works properly I suggest to contact the switch vendor for additional information and limitations.

Thank you,